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⮞ Credit us as Phebe Fabacher and/or Tyler Red, respectively, and you can tag our social media: @pheberryfab and @Plagu3dVA.
⮞ We have the right to decline your commission and/or put your demo process on pause if your remote setup does not meet our standards.
⮞ You acknowledge that your demo may in our portfolio to showcase examples.


⮞ References are optional, but is highly suggested (for script and demo card).
⮞ If references are not provided, you agree to give us creative freedom.
⮞ All assets provided (text, art, etc) for your commission must be ethically obtained with no use of AI and are permitted for altering and commercial use.
⮞ Demo production will begin after all references are obtained.


⮞ We accept only PayPal (USD). All clients will be charged an international fee in respect of our team being in differing countries.
⮞ Payments can be in full or 50% upfront, other 50% near final delivery.
⮞ Full refunds may only be provided if your commission has not begun.
⮞ Partial refunds may only be provided if there is a conflict on our side.


⮞ You agree that the rate for Direction may increase if your session exceeds the scheduled timeframe. (rate varies)
⮞ Minor changes are allowed within one month after final delivery.
⮞ There will be an additional fee for rushed commissions. (fee varies)
⮞ Whether commissions are closed or not, waitlists are always open.


Katabelle Ansari

Mei Xin Bierzynski

Branden Loera

Kelly Ulleanne

Christopher Caz

Faith Meyer

Colt Holman

David Rice Jr.

Jordan Bacher

Briana Johnson

Mia Rorah

Brandon Walls


phebe fabacher

scripter / director

ㅤㅤmbti enfj + 2w3
ㅤㅤbirthday may 20
ㅤㅤpronouns she/her
ㅤㅤfun fact worships her cat

tyler red

mixer / demo card

ㅤㅤmbti INTP + 7w8
ㅤㅤbirthday april 30
ㅤㅤpronouns he/him
ㅤㅤfun fact can play three blind mice on piano

Prices below!


We at Very Berry Demos strive to make the art of demo reels accessible to all levels of voice actors. Whether you are a full-time voice actor with all the bells and whistles, or have only been cast for a few indie projects, we aim to make each individual's potential shine like a star. We take care of every part of your next demo from scripting, directing, mixing, and animating a visual card for social media. Thank you for your interest in bringing your voice to life with us at Very Berry Demos! Some demo styles we offer include: Character, Animation, Video Game, Interactive, Commercial, Narration, Creature, Visual/Project, and more.

Our newest demo!




Our budget package offers a more affordable way to get a professional demo done quickly and easily!
A unique script that follows your voice tones, type-casts, and gives you scenarios to let you shine.
Professional directing from an experienced director in the industry to bring the most out of your takes.
Professional mixing and mastering that will bring your demo to life utilizing commercial-use music and SFX.
A unique visual card to bring it all together and draw eyes to your demo. (Basic Card)



Our premium packages offers our best work possible! Comes with unlimited revisions for all categories.
A detailed script including character background and references that's tailored to your strongest voice types.
Professional directing from an experienced director in the industry to bring the most out of your takes.
Detailed mixing and mastering that will create a professional and unique soundscape with your voice.
A fully animated visual card to compliment your audio and stand out amongst other demos. (Animated Card)



We also offer the individual sections of the demo process on their own:

Watermelon Scripting$95.00
Directing (2 hr min.)$100.00
Watermelon Mixing$120.00
Basic Demo Card$20.00
Animated Demo Card$50.00